Hair Salon

Herndon, VA

Despite the hair care industry being worth billions, it is still unregulated. Nowadays, anyone can open a hair salon and begin offering hair care services. According to research, there are over eighty thousand salons in the United States and you can bet a good number of those are not run by trained hair care professionals. Getting your hair done by a quack can result in permanent hair damage or worse, severe scalp burns if a relaxer is left on your head for too long. While it is easy to type in 'best hair salon near me' in your search explorer and get a list of options, it takes a lot more to get an expert hair dresser.

Hairport Ltd was established in 1977 and is operated by a team of licensed, highly trained hair care specialists. We also have other staff members who offer nail care services, skin care services as well as makeup and lash installation services. We are a unisex salon that is open seven days a week. We are located in Herndon, VA and we provide hair care services for children too. We have our own line of makeup known as Jane Iredale — The Skin Care Makeup that comes highly recommended by dermatologists as well as other skin specialists. We also provide bridal packages for the D-day and a pre-wedding day preparation package.

We accept credit cards and have a private parking lot to make it convenient for you to come to our hair salon. We offer a wide range of services that can be found on our website You can also check out comments from our clients on our social media pages @HairportSalon2 or To book an appointment, call 703-430-3400. Get your hair done by a certified professional and transform your look. We look forward to serving you!