Hair Care

Ashburn, VA

Most people nowadays prefer to do their own hair in the comfort of their home, only opting to go to the salon to get a haircut or a dye job. While this is cost effective, a hairdresser is in a better position to give you the up-do you hope to replicate. Additionally, a professional will handle your hair in such a way that minimizes hair loss in case of textured hair and give you a trim should you have any split ends. There is also the fact that a salon is bound to have a wider collection of hair care products that a professional can select from depending on the condition of your hair.

Hairport Ltd is a beauty salon opened in 1977 that offers a range of hair care services, which include hair texturizing, relaxing, keratin treatments and hair extensions installation. We also offer skin care solutions, such as facials and waxing as well as nail care services. We also stock our own makeup line known as Jane Iredale — The Skin Care Makeup, which is recommended by dermatologists and skin care professionals. We have a wide range of hair care products all of which are non-allergenic for all hair types as well as hair extensions.

We have highly trained staff who have years of experience handling all hair types. We also have a team of makeup professionals who can advise you accordingly on what makeup you can use based on your skin type from our makeup line. We are open seven days a week and appointments are not necessary. To learn more about our services, visit our website call us at 703. 430.3400. You can also email us at and we will address all your queries. Visit our salon in Ashburn, VA and we will give you a makeover.