Leesburg, VA

Coloring your hair has the potential to give you a makeover that can take years off your face. All you need to do is find a color that matches your skin tone. Without the advice of an experienced hair colorist, it is possible to end up looking older or darker if the wrong color is used. This means that you need to ensure that you get a seasoned hair dresser to perform the hair dyeing job. Additionally, a wacky hair colorist can also damage your hair, causing you to chop off the damaged hair and regret having gotten your hair dyed in the first place. A good dye job is about more than just applying color to your hair for the best long lasting results, it is best to get it done be a professional.

At Hairport Ltd, we not only color your hair but we also ensure that the color does not damage your hair and that the color lasts longer. We perform post-coloring conditioning treatments and advise you on the necessary hair care products you need to use on a daily basis as well as the routine for maintaining hair color. We also ensure that the hair coloring products used are non-allergenic to prevent reaction with even the most sensitive of scalps. We ensure that the products used are organic, FDA approved and do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to your health.

If you live in the Leesburg, VA area, then we can assure you that our salon dominates on the search for best hair styling near me in most beauty review sites. This is due to the positive reviews our clients have given us on those sites. To learn more about our range of coloring services as well as our prices, go to you can call us at 703.430.3400. Do not let a bad dye job age you while you can get it fixed.