Beauty Salon

Gaithersburg, VA

Have you ever gone to a beauty salon to get your hair done and walked out vowing to never visit that salon ever again? Having your hairdresser mess up your hair can be pretty devastating. A poor dye job can age you considerably and it is even worse if it happens to be a haircut that will take months to grow out. When this happens, the first response is to swear never to visit a hair parlor ever again, but sooner or later you have to find a new hairdresser for the bad hair days you just can't fix on your own. When this happens, you have to start shopping around for a new salon and this can be dreary due to the trust issues instigated by your last hair dressers.

Hairport Ltd is a beauty salon that has been in business for close to forty years. We have a team of seasoned hairdressers that have been providing hair care services for decades. To assure you of our professional indemnity, we offer you a money back guarantee should you not feel that our services are up to your standards. We cater to clients from all walks of life and have proficient experience in handling all hair types. We also have a wide range of quality organic hair products that can revamp even the limpest and damaged hair. We also offer ‘hairdresser to the rescue' services by salvaging mucked haircuts as well as fixing bad dye jobs.

We are also a nail salon that provides nail services, such as classic manicures, executive manicures, classic pedicures and acrylic nail fixing. We also provide gel polish services with and without the manicure option. Additionally, our nail care services are provided to both male and female clients. To learn more about all our services, go to Our branch is located in Gaithersburg, VA. Visit us today and you will never have to worry about a bad hair job.